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hazards of medicare leave the sorbonne wet chicagos very own wgn news @ 9 batt but we are happy just this becoming >> grieving friends find solace in news charges have been filed in the murder of 19 year old amanda bach. good evening top story trying to clolo t tthth case >> autopsy today revealed amanda bach killed instantly from a single gunshot wound to the neck. ex-boyfriend now formally charged with one count of murder. >> truly sad nobody deserves that trying to keep everyone in
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our prayers >> small memorial by the site where amanda bach body was discovered saturday union township in be at 300 yds from the home of 18 year-old dustin mckeown former boyfriend now charged with her murder. went to wheeler high school father worked for the crown point police department. >> i went to school with dusted since seventh grade and that is just something we would never have expected. very painful >> amanda bach shot in the neck and coroners as clear she was murdered. >> no way the injuries could have occurred on her body the way that they did anything besides a homicide >> 19 year-old last seen leaving her house in portage thursday night >> last person she was with was a doss and >> are the friday amanda bach car found abandoned outside of a
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wheeler store at 70 6:00 a.m. mcgowan did a message if anyone hears or ceased amanda bach contact me if this is not a joke. later that day taken into custody visiting friends at indiana university in bloomington porter county officials producing no details on the motive investigation continues. >> guys are still on the field working together all evidence speaking with all the witnesses acquaintance's friend of ever want to make sure we cover everything. >> public visitation for amanda bach thursday 3-8:00 p.m.. portage funeral mass nativity church of our savior catholic church on friday 10 am. people who either did not know or have pulled together through facebook planning events in her
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honor one group selling bracelets to raise money for her family. as for dustin mcgowan remain at the porter county jail with no bond. awaiting first court appearance could come tomorrow. >> drew peterson stays in jail awaiting murder trial of illinois supreme court shoots him down. drew peterson attorneys argued should be the least what prosecutors are appealing a ruling. hopeful for a release the appeal latest and delayed his trial more than a year denied a request this afternoon drew peterson charged with murder of third wife suspect kathleen savio disappearance of a fourth wife. and then walk into a store to pick up the morning newspaper hit and killed when a driver that took off tonight family: but the driver to come forward as police search for the vehicle involved. >> the reality today for the
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family of 75 your old jd walker not easy >> hard for me to explain >> retired bricklayer and lung cancer survivor two weeks away from 75th birthday walking to get his morning newspaper after 9:00 a.m. at the corner store when he was hit at 76 hitracine the driver of the bickell kept going. >> did not know what to believe or think. why would somebody continue going like that they are not going to get away they are on camera. >> investigators continue to look at the surveillance video neighbors of mr. walker wonder how this cannot happen very cautious about crossing the street. >> he was a good guy he did everything right this morning did not know he was going out to his death he did everything right this morning. >> my grandfather was a very nice man a very nice man.
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>> family hopes the driver is caught or surrenders to police. >> please whoever you are turn yourself and because you really heard of lot of people making it worse on yourself. >> here is the photograph of the type of vehicle police are looking for tonight 1999 dark colored oldsmobile possibly with a missing driver side mirror. anyone with information call chicago police. >> former university of illinois football player charged with raping three women. former illini running back steve fagin played for the team in 1989-1992 accused of sexually assaulting eight women between 1993-1995 investigating cases for years got a break when they say it steve fagin dna link to another rape case in florida. steve fagin could get up to 90 years in prison if convicted in illinois. mayor rahm emmanuel
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looking for ways to cut the city city budget gap and get more cops on the street one idea consolidate police stations. >> did not say of moving forward with the idea or not but he did say bureaucracy of police department superintendent garry mccarthy maybe turning trimming entire police station from budget to put more officers on the street. >> mayor emmanuel not relent and out by not endorsing a plan either to close district police stations to free dozens of officers for street duty doing whatever it takes to get more police on patrol. >> i said early on and the beat officers are the backbone of our crime fighting strategy and not the bureaucracy. over the year's the beat officers have been hollowed out. >> successful in dodging questions this morning after the chicago sun-times reported police superintendent garry mccarthy exploring the idea
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under pressure to put more officers on beat patrol at the same time has to cut at least $190 million of the $1.3 billion a year budget alluding to the issue last week. >> the key here is stacking the resources into places where we get the biggest bang for our buck. >> 25 police districts with one station each station closure dozens of officers freed for patrol utility costs would be reduced as well. members of the city council's black caucus has needs more detail about what we will take a serious look as the plan if things make sense we what about your weight that at that particular time. >> i sit in the middle of two districts in the center of 5 and 22 to eliminate one of them (on another one. the administrative functions have to go somewhere. >> the president of the fraternal order of police not happy about the idea not happy
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to read about that in the paper. >> he will not even talk to them directly and that is not fair. >> still earliest stages at the union wants to be involved. >> where are these officers going if that police station is closing? will there be the same amount of officers policing the streets when that district closes? >> almost 20 years ago mayor daley was going to close seven police stations to free up officers for street control outbreak community protest forced to abandon the plan. >> you saw the city council black caucus and that unveiling a proposal for an aldermanic remap 2015 and the remapping process could turn into a battle for seats between the council's black and hispanic caucuses black caucus proposal reducing number majority of african- american wards by one and increase the number of majority
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hispanic wards by 2 some projections from the council of hispanic caucus propose 5 additional hispanic majority awards. >> president obama helping get the country's finances and order why opponents call this class warfare and also former vice president dick cheney put on the spot by a visit in chicago at the top skilling keep an eye on another athlete week cool down. late week cool down. wgn news @ 9
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oh, we used kmart layaway - paid over 8 weeks. kmart layaway is the easy way to pay with no finance charges! just start with $5 plus a little down. now that's kmart smart! two marines are dead after helicopter crash started off a brushfire in southern california at the helicopter went down this afternoon during a training exercise at camp pendleton letting a brush fire that chewed up 50 a. for three hours using air tankers to fight the fire military confirms crash killed two people named stop at least until families are notified. president obama taking on wealthier americans and big corporations in budget proposal today. most fortunate need to pay more taxes. more on how the president's plan >> rose garden address president
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obama says everybody needs to pay their fair share of the nation's four trillion dollar deficit. plan calls for the wealthiest to pay more. >> it is wrong that in the united states of america a teacher in nurse or construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates that somebody pulling in $50 million. >> house speaker says the president is showing poor leadership by pitting one group of americans against another the middle-class and the upper class. >> not willing to ask those who have done extraordinarily well helping america close the deficit, we are trying to reach that same target four trillion dollars in the logic and mathematics say everybody else has to do more. >> i do not think it is a very ambitious plan because it really
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is increasing taxes. not savings which we should be doing >> in that state senator mark kirk is concerned the president pushing a flood of partisan tax hikes and gimmicks tax hikes may be great depression vastly worse >> middle-class families should not pay higher taxes that millionaires and billionaires that is pretty straightforward. under the proposal $800 billion of the 1.5 trillion dollars in tax increases set to expire in 2012 the president would extend tax cuts to individuals making it less than $20,000 a year to families making less than 250,000. >> we want to hear from you do you think the president's plan to tax the bridge is fair? text yes or no to 97999 also vote on line results after
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tom skilling seven day forecast >> former vice president dick cheney chicago pouring for his new book in my time, joined by his daughter liz protesters outside called him a war criminal accusing about torturing suspects in the book dick cheney defense enhanced to irrigation techniques served presidents nixon and ford and both bushes asked which was the best >> i would tell you but it is classified. >> stumped but finally said both presidents made great decisions and both rose to the challenges of their time. the gulf war for the first book and the war on terror for the second. domnique strauss-kahn breaking silence about recent sexual assault
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charges interview french television former head of the international monetary fund acknowledged moral weakness. incident at new york hotel and bought a hotel employee denies any violence or aggression accused sexual assault first by the hotel employee then by a french journalist accused him of rape her years ago. federal appeals court ruled jose padilla needs to spend more time in jail. 2007 sentenced to 17 years in prison after being convicted with two others miami terror support case jose padilla are arrested at o'hare airport at 2002 suspicion of plotting a terror attack and be contacted for more than three years without being charged court justices ordered a new sentencing hearing attorneys try to fight. still to come survivor of friday's reno aircraft describes what he felt when the plane dove into the stance
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ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. [ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. wgn news @ 9 investigators hoping data and video recording and prices recovered from the vintage airplane that crashed at the reno nevada air show will provide answers as to what went wrong investigators believe problems with deep airplanes modify tail may have played a role with the crash eight people killed including the pilot and to bear the 70 injured. ed larson one of the survivors >> i remember trying to run i
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can see stuff coming and that was the last thing i heard or remember it makes you appreciate to be alive first thing i can say i got extremely lucky. >> as you can see ed larson for head wounds severed achilles tendon and dislocated shoulder and another wounded. week-long hearing could determine the future of sea world's famous killer whale shows. federal job safety hearing stems from the death of trainer dawn brancheau native chicagoan grew up in indiana pulled under by a killer whale and drowned last year. government lawyers declared trainers should not work in close contact with the giant predators they want barriers built separately. seat world is fighting the change and protesting $75000 in fines. don't ask don't tell hours away from being history military accepting applications from openly gay recruits will not ask on them until the ban on gays is officially lifted midnight
9:21 pm
eastern time officially ready to end the policy demand and to all investigations under the don't ask don't tell lot. mayor wanted to spend more time on the rebar announcing a plan to partner with the epa to build 4 boat houses along the chicago river. >> able to access a boat house that has canoeing and kayaking and concessions might think walking and make it the better not something to drive over but something for your kids to go to and canoe on. >> the boathouses will cost $4 million each. mayor rahm emmanuel says funding split 5050 between public and private donations. responding to criticism with an apology only to face more criticism coming up why some netflix are upset again and did a joke leave alec baldwin to snub the emmys last
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night setting the record straight with dean richards.
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the deal of the night a dog pulled by chicago firefighters reunited with grateful family cuddles at the home 9200 block of south manistee to firefighters to get to the hospital for heat but injuries fire under control not quite sure what led to the fire. first an apology from netflix ceo we reed hastings said price increases cost company nearly 16,000 customers in july and now spreading online streaming and dpd mail services forcing customers to subscribe to two different websites netflix still offering on demand movies and television shows but customers will have to go to qwikster to order movies and videos software through the mail. coming up swinging at the competition wendy's introducing a new burger dave's hot n juicy named after a late founder dave thomas
9:26 pm
sprucing up the man you try to compete against higher end newcomers like five guys and keep up with competitors like mcdonald's to also updated menus while wendy's has not finding the perfect pumpkin could be harder this year rain from tropical storm arlene caused serious damage pumpkin crops in the northeast growers in new york and massachusetts a partial and some total crop losses expect to sellout they do harvest could cost more money. if you have outdoor plans do that tomorrow might be the day to get that done it tom skilling says sunshine abundant on tuesday. if you have to go to work to stay home. details ahead.
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oak park. what a gorgeous shot. photographer of the day when the sun inkles low in the morning and evening you can get those rainbows. speaking of low sun angles took a while to see the sun at all today but here is a time lapse of the clearing the clear skies like wind in the fact moister in the lower atmosphere after a weekend of rain giving way to fall tonight show you that in a big gorgeous view from the ground the view from space that pitch of these clouds moving out appear coming across madison and rockford reaching our area late today what is happening now fog is forming a top reso to tens of a mile in joliet and kankakee. as temperatures dropping with the dew point look at the wind not a
9:31 pm
lot most areas perfect night for fox to form that is what is happening relativity muddy already approaching 100 percent in number of weather bug sectors here they are. temperatures with no wind after a day at mid '60s many locations under heavy cloud cover more sawn into the low '70's amazing what the sun does this time of year clearing out from the fox valley this afternoon beautiful end of the day watch the model developed that is what you see
9:32 pm
in the green area antifog develop densely in some locations particularly in the cool of locations outside the city. biggest rainfall three and a half weeks over an inch in many locations has not rained like that for a party five days. here is the sunshine to the west earlier today hours tomorrow what will be the warmest temperatures in the next week you can see the wind advisories highway to watch in north dakota wind advisories twin cities back into nebraska highway warnings whenever you have wind that is a sign of whether change under way tightly packed autumn storm.
9:33 pm
moving along united states canadian border. going to bring wind into the area building slowly during the day tomorrow briskly from the southwest into tomorrow night before turning to northwest much cooler wind later in the week a 68 saturday. 69 today. light showers producing a decent amount of rainfall later in the week ended buckling jet stream. pocket of cool air the pocket of their way up into the country. the jet polls warm air over the top cool air getting stuck could be a bad omen for the coming weekend. might linger into the weekend. rainfall overnight here are the new trains moving with this storm along united states canadian border may bring us showers
9:34 pm
tomorrow night. quite interesting changeable autumn pattered i had this coming week. not surprising this time of year clear tonight with seasonable temperatures fog continues to develop. virtually no wind tonight mostly sunny and warmer with 74 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night clouds come in could be a shower or isolated thunderstorm in spots 57 degrees and partly sunny breezy and cooler on wednesday still very nice at 70 degrees. secondary cold front comes in wednesday night. of course friday for 05 a.m. in the morning official start of autumn. three months to go before winter. 17-70 degree
9:35 pm
days left. >> a disturbing trend difficult economic times who is more likely to be abused when money dries up and also researchers say young smokers need to just hit the gym to kick the habit >> back here at sports debug dump for tonight born out with a bang final home series of the year is over finally a winner nascar race out of joliet also talking why no ground kick in new orleans on sunday. sports ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪ sunnyd!
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most patient parents get frustrated does not mean you are a bad parent because you are not a bad parent it continues to cry for abnormal amount of time worried something is wrong have your baby checked by a physician dermatologists say seeing more cases of skin cancer on fingers could be connected to nail dryers ultraviolet lights like miniature tanning beds they emit u be raised no large-scale study recent report dermatology journal says using the lights to dry your nails could increase risk for cancer recommending to let bell polish dry on that son. kick the habit before coming and addiction researchers showed two groups one group giving guidance on exercise the other group only but dissipated in the smoking program boys in the exercise group four times more likely to stop smoking and those results did not apply to teenage girls
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more successful without the exercise. >> facebook and time warner teamed up to stop bullying among children and young adults watching new interactive app called "bullying: speak up social pledge". offering researches about prevention online pledge to speak up keep a bullying on or off facebook what that one-third of that 36 other people who took the pledge were adults. pappa was a perverse emmy snub from a nominee? next alec baldwin else us why he skipped last night's ceremony and balance is the buzz word in lake forest. chicago bears ran it just to * second half of yesterday's loss in new orleans. hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what...
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and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. wgn news @ 9 the rumor mills buzzing after alec baldwin no show last night emmy awards walked off of the set because they fired a pre- recorded not true alec baldwin revealed the gag to dean richards >> i was on the telephone talking to somebody and i say it rupert is that you? i can hear you breeding. we had a quick
9:44 pm
glancing reference to the scandal apparently that is more than they can bear. >> alec baldwin said he missed the show due to a scheduling conflict when they emmy moved from august to september heat was booked in advance to host new york charity concert by tony bennett benefiting his foundation exploring in the arts. dean richards also talked to the 30 rock star about a desert wgn and management was balking about serving schweddy balls ice-cream during a party made famous during a skit during saturday night live >> we are added. in cultural history of the country where christmas tree mistletoe santa claus all those things schweddy balls take the place among those things as a staple of the american christmas celebration. >> you can see 30 rock five days a week at 630 pm at 10:00 p.m.
9:45 pm
central time wgn. tom skilling has the seven day forecast >> moving on something a nice day to end up with sunshine look at the board to the west a signal tomorrow will be nicer with temperatures well into the '70s: tonight fog has been reported forming in low lying areas the latest simulation of where the clouds by morning in our area during the day we want a front coaster right there what is called a drive slot indentation of dry weather led storms on the satellite plenty of sunshine and gears 70 degrees on wednesday we get into trouble opera low temperatures
9:46 pm
of the area into the coming weekend they can keep us cool with a shot or at * humidity 89 at o'hare what hundred medications mold count moderate weed pollen today. temperatures dropping tonight towards the dew point the point where fog forms and humidity reaches but hunter% 40's in the debt 50s in the city rising into the 70's during the day tomorrow conservative we think low and mid '70s a good bed closer to '70s you can see on wednesday cooling going on by thursday typical representative of the cold and later in the week. bice storm wrapped up what he added states canadian border. spitting up showers you can see going into dei and state sunshine this thing parks over us brings low clouds and showers to the
9:47 pm
weekend you can see the process. cool air digging into the center of the country. one of those weird patterns where it is warmer in canada than in chicago that is why the cold air gets trapped moving ahead to saturday and sunday still cool air stuck in place with 87 the plains. shot of the war early next week at school again after that. strange weather continues 74 degrees tomorrow nothing strange about that. saudi and dusty west wind up worse committee on wednesday after morning thunderstorms. thursday friday saturday sunday fairly cloudy spotty light showers and 60 degrees partly sunny on monday. fall begins at 4:05 a.m. on friday morning. still warm
9:48 pm
weather to come. >> from and dick cheney book tour to tony stewart victory chicago speedway snapshot of past 24 hours for those of the day.
9:49 pm
more photos available or coming up the bears offense tries to get back into balance after yesterday's effort quarterback very harmful way. and hawks camp trying to make the roster of sports is next. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner. and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grands! mini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough...
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beating shout. try resolve laundry for amazing stain removal. satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. very concerned >> the game but fell apart yesterday and so many different ways. for a franchise that has always lived and died by the broad yesterday's a shocking departure. chicago bears only
9:53 pm
ran the ball four times the entire game matt forte moves around 43 yd gain it 10 rushes in the first half of the two in the second. injured plant from behind had to throw a punch that is not usually what makes the bears successful and they know that. just happens like that sometimes we will clean it up we have spent speaking from time to time about it now, to sit here and tell you the reasons why just that we have to get the balance better and be well we did not do that yesterday at for a lot of different reasons 10 rushes is not a whole lot of when you get behind pretty quickly in the second half i think the mindset was to pass the ball to get a quick score.
9:54 pm
>> of green bay packers coming up at long last the green flag nascar chasen vicente chip all- day rain fall yesterday made it washout chicago led speedway but today first of the braces off as scheduled affect on the race benefit of tony stores struggled through an off-year but went by matt kenseth sublette to go build the gas tank to the checkered flag matt kenseth kyle busch jeff gordon and jimmy johnson all ran out of fuel on race toward a strategy pays off first cup win of the year. >> tied for ninth in the points or what ever know where to go but up what are going to lose if we take a gamble and it does not work? not taking a gamble more worried about getting the victory that boarding about what was going to happen if we did not win the race. >> through the hourglass final
9:55 pm
home series for chicago cubs this year opening pitch hoping to party at wrigley field and the brewers hoping to clinch the division. tonight soto said not so fast third inning first chicago cubs' home run to plant on weiland this year there you go soto at that time tonight his first two home run game in more than one year all five runs batted in and the cubs stalled a deeper were spared it 5-2. cubs i made sox have a doubleheader in cleveland tomorrow, mariano rivera to the all-time saves record for the yankees. 602. college teams changing conferences like they change their underwear big 12 and the big east talking about a merger of teams that remain at the black hawks continue treading camp for preseason opener tonight against edmonton. patrick kane jonathan toews leading the way again david his little brother i did a few weeks
9:56 pm
ago training together all summer and now living together just like when the little kids. >> staying at his place in the city nice to spend the time together getting home in that little bit spending time specially bit my brother >> good to see him get a chance kind of making his own path i guess you could say short he is sick and tired about curing all of the things with the blackhawks this and that good for him to be part of that. playing here eventually we can see how it goes. well dot put him in that category yet >> those to always after each other and by the way game tonight if you better read to apply no patrick kane at the
9:57 pm
other guys sitting it out that looked good scored a couple of goals and a scrimmage yesterday not going to let him play or scrimmage without that for awhile back but could ship ready to go by the time they keep going. >> that is it for tonight have a good night. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals.
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